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AT&T User's Manual REVISED 1/15/99 1 User's Manual for Tapeless Digital Answering System with Time/Day Fold open this manual for information. Manuals and User Guides for AT&T We have 1 AT&T manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. Summary of content (13 pages). Page 1. REVISED 1/15/99 1 User's Manual for Tapeless Digital Answering System with Time/Day

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Manual zz. Please read Part 1 — Important Product Information, included in this package. All rights reserved. Printed in Mexico. Plug the other end into a modular telephone jack.

Connect the power cord. Plug the power cord into the jack labeled POWER and into an electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch. Fit the power cord behind the strain relief tab.

The Message Window flashes C to indicate that you need to set the clock. Use only the power cord supplied with this product. If you need a replacement, call 1 — Input: V, 60 Hz. Output: 9V AC, mA. Press P to exit Setting the Clock at any time. Then release the button.

The current hour setting is announced. The current minutes setting is announced. The new day and time are announced. To check the clock, press and release C. Before using this answering system, you should record the announcement up to one minute long that callers will hear when the system answers a call. Please leave a message after the tone. The system beeps. Speak toward the microphone normally, from about nine inches away. While you are recording, the Message Window displays —.

To review your announcement, press and release. When the system is off, the Message Window is blank. Press the bottom button - to decrease volume. The system beeps three times when you reach the maximum or minimum volume setting. NOTE: In the event of a power failure, see the instructions on the bottom of the unit to reset the clock. Answering Calls When the system answers a call, the caller hears the announcement you recorded, followed by a beep.

A caller can leave a message up to three minutes long. If the message is longer than three minutes, or if the caller is silent for more than seven seconds, or if the system runs out of memory, the system beeps once and hangs up. Callers can skip over your announcement by pressing. If there are more than nine messages recorded, the Message Window alternately displays the two digits of the total number of messages recorded.

Use Ring Select to choose how many times the line will ring before the system answers a call. Set for 2, 4 or Toll Saver. When you set the system for Toll Saver, it answers after four rings when you have no new messages, and after two rings when you have new messages. The system announces the current ring selection. You can use many features of this answering system remotely from a touch tone phone. Most features can be accessed only after you enter a Remote Access Code, which is preset to You can review the Remote Access Code by pressing and releasing S.

You can change the Remote Access Code to any three digit number from to After the Ring Select setting is announced, continue to press and release S until the system announces the current Remote Access Code. The Message Window displays 0.

If you decide to take the call, lift the handset of any telephone on the same line. The system stops recording and resets to answer calls. Feature Set Up You can set up one feature at a time as described below, or you can set up a feature, and then move on to set up another feature. After you change one feature, press and release S until you hear the voice prompt for the next feature you want to change — OR — 3 OPERATION Announcement Monitor Saving Messages You can choose whether to hear the announcement when your system answers a call, or have it silent off on your end your caller will still hear an announcement.

The system automatically saves your messages if you do not delete them. The system can save about 12 minutes of messages, including your announcement, for a total of up to 59 messages. When memory is full, you must delete some or all messages before new messages can be recorded. Deleting Messages Delete all messages — Hold down D.

Delete selected messages — Press and release D while the message you want to delete is being played. The system beeps once, and continues with the next message. If you want to check a message before you delete it, you can press to replay the message before deleting it. When the system reaches the end of the last message, the messages not deleted are renumbered, and the Message Window displays the total number of messages remaining in memory.

Listening to Your Messages As the system plays back messages, the Message Window displays the number of the message playing. Before playing each message, the system announces the day and time the message was received. Repeat part of message — Hold down for a few seconds, then release it to resume playing. The system beeps while the button is held down.

Repeat previous message — Press twice, continue this process to hear other previous messages. Skip to next message — Press and release. Skip part of a message — Hold down for a few seconds, then release it to resume playing. Stop message playback — Press and release P. Recording a Memo You can record a memo to be stored as an incoming message. The memo can be up to three minutes long, and will be played back with other messages.

After the beep, speak toward the microphone. When Memory is Full The system can record approximately 12 minutes of messages, including your announcement, for a total of up to 59 messages. When memory is full, or 59 messages have been recorded, the Message Window flashes F.

Delete messages to make room for new ones. When memory is full, the system answers calls after 10 rings, and sounds two beeps instead of your announcement. When the system answers, enter your three-digit Access Code during or after the announcement. The system announces the number of messages, then beeps twice. The two-beep signal lets you know the system is ready to accept a remote command.

Delete Selected Messages Press and release 3 while the message you want to delete is playing. The system replays your new announcement. To review your announcement — Press 1 7 1. Record a Memo Playing Messages 1 2 1 After the two beeps, wait four seconds, and the system plays back messages — OR — Press and release 1 to play all messages — OR — Press and release 2 to play only new messages. Press 5 when you are finished.

Room Monitor with Intercom You can call the answering system and listen to any activity in the room. To repeat part of a message — Hold down 4. To resume playing, release 4. To skip part of a message — Hold down 6. To resume playing, release 6.

If a valid code is entered, the system announces the new Remote Access Code. If an invalid code is entered, the system beeps five times rapidly, then beeps twice. Repeat Steps 1 and 2. If the system beeps five times, the memory is full. Press O to make sure the system is on.

If a caller leaves a very long message, part of it might be lost when the system disconnects the call after three minutes. If the caller pauses for more than seven seconds, the system stops recording and disconnects the call.

Your announcement and messages are retained in memory during a power failure, but you will need to reset the clock. See the instruction label on the bottom of the unit. When you dial a number, you should hear tones. If you hear clicks instead, the phone is not a touch tone telephone. The answering system may not detect the Remote Access Code while your announcement is playing. Try waiting until the announcement is over before entering the code. There may be noise interference on the phone line you are using.

Press dial buttons firmly.

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